Bisou Dates and Chocolates started over a morning conversation while my business partner and I were enjoying Medjool dates with our coffee. We appreciated how dates are both versatile and nutritious. With a Middle Eastern background, I reminisced about the fabulous dates I had tasted in Jordan, Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq and how dates were one of nature’s most wholesome foods. My business partner spoke of his first experience with dates in Syria and how they were served with sweet dark tea. 

Within hours this conversation turned into a business idea, and had us brainstorming about the many possibilities of Medjool dates filled with nuts and draped in dark chocolate. We are confident that this super food, this powerhouse of energy, minerals, and fiber, is decadent enough to become the core of our business. Hence, we have made a commitment to use the best possible ingredients for our clients. This includes the quality of the chocolate, nuts, and the fillings. 

Bisou Dates and Chocolates has been created with the hope that every date you experience will be ‘A Date with Decadence’.